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Elegance Tiara £50.00 (+ postage of £4.99) A beautiful woven tiara featuring Czech square crystal and Swarovski AB to give you un-missable sparkle. sizes - tall - 6cm  small - 4cm Picture one -Silver tiara - woven with swarovski crystal and frosted white cubes on silver plated wire. Picture two - Gold tiara - woven with golden swarovski crystal and cream cube on gold plated wire. The gold tiara has an accent colour of olive woven in to the design. Please state accent colours if required. All requirements are confirmed prior to being made. If you have any questions please email me on Quantity: 12345678910 Options: Please select ...tall silvertall goldsmall silversmall gold Colour: Buy Now: Rising Rocks Tiara £45 (+ postage of £4.99) A personal favourite tiara which is really unusual as it sits on your hair like a beautiful glass sculpture. There are no other tiaras like this one. Tiara Height approx 6cm Smoothed sculpted glass chips on a decorated silver plated band. Its such a unsual tiara which makes a statment. Very pliable and can be sculped to suit your hair style. Quantity: 12345678910 Colour: Buy Now: Crystal Rocks Tiara £50 (+ postage of £4.99) A real best selling tiara which is full of sparkle. Approx 5cm tall Made from 100's of swarovski crystals in a wishbone design. When you want to shine on your wedding day only swarovski crystal will do. Please see the colour chart as there is always something to match your scheme. I can make tiaras to match any wedding day colours. Quantity: 12345678910 Options: Please select ...crystal smallcrystal tall Colour: Buy Now: Princess Pearl Tiara £30 (+ postage of £4.99) These simple, elegant tiaras are easily colour co-ordinated for your wedding day.  The large could be for brides and the small for bridesmaids. Tall - approx 6cm small - approx 4cm Picture 1 - shown in tall. Made from Swarovski crystal AB, Black diamond and pearls in white and smoke grey. On a silver plated band decorated with seed beads. Picture 3 - shown in small with an accent colour of fuscia. Available in cream and gold colours also. Please see colour chart for inspiration. Quantity: 12345678910 Options: Please select ...large silver/whitelarge gold/creamsmall silver/whitesmall gold/cream Colour: Buy Now: Twisted Twinkle Tiara £30 (+ postage of £4.99) These crystal encrusted vintage style tiaras are full of sparkle. Small - 4cm Tall - 6cm Tiara Picture 1 & 3 shown in tall Tiara Picture 2 shown in small Standard design is using Swarovski crystal and black diamond. Of course this design can be changed to match your colour scheme. If I can help please email me on Quantity: 12345678910 Options: Please select ...silver largesilver small Colour: Buy Now: